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Our team dedicated to manufacture engineering plastics and food packaging ensure the most accurate manufacturing of parts, as well as protective packaging for your product. Experts for experts.

Technical plastic products

Precise manufacturing of plastics

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Materials for the implementation of the products

Food industry

We provide food packages for packaging and transport in various sectors of the food industry, such as the convenience food industry, bakeries, the dairy industry and honey production.


Automotive industry

Machine quilts, external cladding, internal parts of the buffers, cushion and frame parts for automotive industry.


Furniture industry

Furniture such as chairs and tables, as well as furniture frames, paddings, event floor structures.


Vehicle parts

On trains, tractors, forklifts, motor sledges, in lifting equipment, golf carts and ships as the engine covers, roofings, upholstery pieces, stuffing and frame parts.


Heat insulation materials

Thermal insulation is used, for example, in refrigeration equipment components, and thermal and insulating blocks in the construction industry, insulated boxes, transportation of food and medicines, transport of cold-sensitive chemicals.


Leisure products and sports equipment

Sports and leisure products, such as the side elements of floorball rinks, stands for exercise bikes, leg press cushions, head restraints.


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professional staff

Artekno's staff are dedicated to work and constantly developing their expertise. Key people from different areas are proud of their expertise garnered through experience.


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delivery reliability

 Delivery reliability is a matter of pride for us. We ensure that you get what you order, the right materials and at the right time.


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 Research &

 Materials and mould technology are constantly evolving. We ensure our place at the cutting edge of development through the quality of our own research and development work.


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The latest investment of Artekno Oy, the new Unipre polyurethane machine for elastomer production. Excellent machine for multicolour production. Will be soon used in transparent polyurehane applications, like in LED -frames and covers. Take contact to get more information about transparent solutions.


Good things come in small packages :) We have just received an addition to our manufacturing family. A new 3D-printer has arrived to our plant. We are currently getting to know its features and in the nearbyfuture welcoming its products to proto manufacturing in a form of molds, inserts and tools. The printer is based on SLA technology. First steps first and let´s see what will happen. The Sales Manager Matti Salo will give more info ( / +358 50 533 5651)


Artekno participates as an exhibitor to Elmia Subcontractor November 14th-17th in Jönköping, Sweden.

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Posti Oy Posti Oy

"With Artekno, it was easy to create application-specific standard products for the specialised needs of the postal service"- the business manager of Posti Oy, Pekka Kuronen says. Posti Oy can count on continued cooperation in the field of product development...